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Pulau Pantara (43)

Snorkeling Pulau Pantara

Kepulauan Seribu has a special attraction for lovers of snorkeling and diving. Islands in the Bay of Jakarta this saves a lot of amazing things underwater life. Starting from the hundreds of species of coral reefs, thousands of species of marine animals.

Mileage 30 minutes

Travel to Thousand Island – the island Ayer
Thousand island travel – Angel Island

Mileage 90 minutes

Travel thousand island – the Island Princess
Thousand Island Tourism – Sepa
Thousand Island Tourism – Kotok Island
Thousand Island Tourism – Rainbow Island
Island travel a thousand, Island Pantara

Travel to thousand island where tourism is a fairly pleasant and reasonably priced. Each island has the facilities and different prices, so that the guests can adjust the budget to travel a thousand islands.

Facilities island are:

Inn / cottage
Water sport (Jetsky, banana boat, canoe, water bee)
Meeting Space
Swimming pool
Children’s play area
Outbound area
Fishing pier.

On the island of a thousand supplied snorkel package. You can snorkel to see fish of small colorful fish and sea can see small animals such as sea horses, octopus, and various kinds of fish with different shapes. In addition to snorkeling and diving, can also fishing on the dock fishing, the bait can be purchased at the restaurant, while the fishing gear baikya bring their own fishing equipment. there are many other activities you can do while on the island of a thousand. Relax by reading a book on the beach, Relax while sunbathing warm the body.

Please contact our Marketing to get the price discount Thousand Island tours that we offer are Ayer Island, Angel Island, the Island Princess, Sepa Island, Rainbow Island, Island kotok and Island Pantara.