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Pulau Pari Island is a beautiful and exotic island, as it has the Virgin sand beach that is very intriguing. Virgin Sand Beach Clear juicy and green-blue Gradient very charming. This island is one of the thousand islands Pulau Seribu with a distance of 1 hour 30 minute crossing via Angke harbor estuary by ferry timber and 45 minutes via the Port Marina Ancol by speedboat.

Pulau Pari Island is the position of an island tour which is very close to the island Tidung. Pari Island at the beginning of the first in the form of a deserted island, has now been transformed into a coastal tourist sites in the Thousand Islands. Pulau Pari Island is also at the heart of the proliferation of seaweed that support the economy of the population lives, too, is the area of marine research by the government.

Pulau Pari Pantai Perawan

There are a number of tourist activities that can be done in Pulau Pari Island: see the sunrise and sunset, then snorkel see how beautiful under the sea. Up with a relaxed wearing a bicycle to explore the virgin sand beach that is just not exceed 10 minutes of places to stay, typical sports shore, also can drink fresh sweet oranges in a simple shop while waiting for the sunset.

Pasir Putih Pulau Pari

Pari Island who originally inhabited this, has now become one of the prime tourist spot in the Thousand Islands Pulau Seribu  with the beautiful sand beaches of the Virgin. Pari Island also become a center for seaweed cultivation that sustains the lives of citizens, and there is a marine research called LIPI.