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Pulau Pelangi, Rainbow Island has games Water sport that can be enjoyed very travelers who are on the Rainbow Island, and also can enjoy snorkeling and diving activities in Pulau Pelangi. Underwater beauty we can enjoy the beauty of the coral reefs that lie in the area of Rainbow Island, not all the island has snorkeling spot is directly in the area of the island. we usually have to travel first to pilot spot for snorkeling activities, on the island of Pelangi we can directly enjoy it in the waters of the Thousand Islands Pulau Seribu, we can enjoy the beauty of reefs – coral reefs and fish can we love to eat using our hands.


Rainbow Island including the Pulau Seribu Thousand Islands cluster, Rainbow Island was established in 1990 as one of the resorts in the Thousand Islands. The island’s distance from Marina Ancol Jakarta, in the travel distance of about 108 kilometers with a time of 90 minutes or 1 hour from the city of Marina Ancol Jakarta. Bungalows traditional architectural style that we find on the Rainbow Island and scattered throughout the area with a beautiful white sandy beach. Rainbow Island there are 32 units Cottage, composed of Tulip 9 unit types, cottages Jasmin 12 units, 12 units and cottages Bougenville Edelweiss type 1 unit. On this island provided various facilities such as, Canoe, Banana Boat, Snorkeling, Scuba Dive, fishing equipment, Jogging Track and Trails relaxed. Pulau Pelangi¬†Island often held events for the Company such as: Outing, Outbound, Meeting, Family Gathering, and also for families and honeymooners.