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Pulau Seribu Islands is an area Snorkeling and Diving in the tourist area of Jakarta who frequently visit foreign and local tourists. Pulau Seribu Island gives a feel of the Sea, white sand and coral reefs that live in the ocean, Each island has cottages, Watersport, Dive shop, Home stay and the many facilities available on the island Pulau Seribu. Kepulauan Seribu Islands have Island Resort and Island residents in governance of each island and there is an island that is empty of inhabitants, there is also the island’s historic buildings are still standing.


Pulau Seribu Islands provide an atmosphere that is different from other holiday spots, because a thousand islands give the feel of a romantic and relaxing. Travel Pulau Seribu island provides a quiet space for our holiday, as it gives the impression of being very charming when we look at the sea and coral reefs, Tourism thousand island can be done with family, coworkers, friends, newly married couples, alone, and also with company where we work. Facilities available at the Thousand Islands passable complete enough it also depends on each island, as each island is different amenities for there to be Snorkeling, Diving and also not, who can not snorkel is about 30 minutes away from Marina Ancol Jakarta while that can snorkel is about approximately 1 to 2 hours.


Paket Pulau Seribu