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A thousand islands have some of the Pulau Seribu Islands Resort frequently visit foreign and local tourists, every resort in the thousand islands have the facilities and management of different and each island resort has a distinct advantage as well, Thousand Island Resort frequent visitors, such as : Pulau Ayer Island, Pulau Bidadari Island, Pulau Putri Island, Pulau Pantara Island, Pulau Pelangi Island, Pulau Sepa Island, Pulau Macan Island, Pulau Kotok Island.

The charm of t he Pulau Seribu Island Resort As the islands were located not far from the capital Jakarta, Thousand Island is a vacation destination that is never empty. The natural beauty and the air is still clean is one of the attractions of the islands in the thousand islands. No wonder if a lot of the inn, cottages and resorts being built on the islands. Pulau Seribu Island has several water sport facilities and also has a tool Snorkeling and Diving so that tourists can enjoy the beauty of underwater nature such as coral reefs and marine animals that exist in the Thousand Islands. Package Pulau Seribu Island.

Pulau Seribu Island Resort offers approximately 7 resort :

Pulau Ayer ( Ayer Island )

Pulau Ayer dubbed as the Pearl Islands, Island Cottage Ayer has floating on the water with ethnic style Papua. fishing facilities at night, jet skiing and banana boat. This island is one of the islands in the Thousand Islands that have a source of fresh water. On the island ayer, are not allowed to swim in the sea / snorkeling. Because the sea is steep and less clear, due to the close distance from Marina Ancol. Existing facilities: Cottage on the sea and land, mini market, restaurant over the sea, Souvenir shop, swimming pool, main stage, Area outbound, Karaoke room, children’s play area. And get Ayer Island Package with Free existing.

Pulau Bidadari (Angel Island )

Pulau Bidadari Island has a history of Dutch colonial era, on the island there are relics of a castle, the castle name Martello tower, this island, the Dutch era, used as a quarantine island. there is also a carriage and cannon bomb relic of the Dutch will stay behind on the island of nymphs. The beach on the island of a thousand nymphs island is quite extensive and white sand. It just was not allowed to swim in the sea, because of the steep coast and the sea is not clear.Existing facilities at Angel Island: Cottage on the sea and land, restaurant, meeting room, Water sports (Jetsky, banana boat, canoe), Area Games, area children’s playground, karaoke room, Art shop, and mini shop, boat around the island around and a fishing boat. Get Angel Island Package With Free existing.

Pulau Pantara ( Island Pantara )

Pulau Pantara island is divided into two islands of Pantara western and eastern Pantara. Pantara Island or also called Pulau Seribu Marine Resort is the only Resort Hotel in the Thousand Islands-standard Star 4. Pulau Pantara who often visited that island to the east Pantara has 40 cottages. existing facilities are:Bathroom with bathup semi-open, water heater and shower, and singgle Bedroom with double bed, spacious bathroom area with ethnic decorations, Cottage meterial made of wood and lacquered with large windows surrounding the cottage. Get Pantara Island Package with Free existing in the Package.

Pulau Pelangi ( Rainbow Island )

Pulau Pelangi Island, a small island that has the beauty of the Thousand Islands, the island is called the rainbow petodan western part of the district administration to Isles thousand jakarta. Island Rainbow was established in 1990 as one of the resorts in the Thousand Islands, the traditional architecture of Bungalows which reflects the original life of the island Pelangi, you also can snorkel and diving, for activities other woods you can also fishing, and enjoy amenities such as Glass Bottom Boat, Canoe, Banana Boat, Snorkeling, Scuba Dive, fishing equipment, Jogging Track and T

Sumber: Some Island Resort in Pulau Seribu are often visited by foreign tourists