To arrive at Pulau Ayer Island takes about 20 to 30 minute sea journey by speedboat from Marina Ancol. The location is pretty close to Jakarta so this place is one of the favorite locations to fill in the holiday weekend. The atmosphere is quiet and comfortable to be one reason tourists visit there. This place has long been the resting place of celebrities in Indonesia one of them is our first President Ir.Sukarno.

The play area at Pulau Ayer was big enough to play football can kick and also play volley ball there was on offer Play Ground for kids to play though not much. Pulau Ayer Island Resort Pulau Seribu has Stage Ships named Ojar stage adjacent to the pool, usually when there is a group lunch and dinner near the stage while enjoying live music and karaoke.

Restaurants on the island is half standing on the sea at the restaurant is provided pier for fishing, many tourists are coming to Pulau Ayer utilize the time to fishing in Floating, on the dock, in the restaurant and on the beach. Pulau Ayer Island Resort has a Floating Cottage on the sea, the tourists are many who like to stay at the Floating cottages and cottages on stilts are made from wood Classik make the cottage feel cool, comfortable and cool. Package Pulau Ayer Island

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